Profile: Ethan Dube, Non-executive Chairman, Fairheads Benefit Services

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Ethan Dube

September 2015

Fairheads Benefit Services is delighted and honoured to welcome Ethan Dube as non-executive Chairman of our company.

Ethan is no stranger to the financial services industry in South Africa. Over his career he has been closely associated with some of the country’s major corporate finance and asset management brands before co-founding Vunani, the highly respected black-owned diversified financial services group. Ethan has been CEO of Vunani since its inception in 1998 and led it to a successful listing on the JSE in 2007.

Ethan holds an MSc in Statistics and an Executive MBA which he obtained from the University of Uppsala in Sweden.

Fairheads Times caught up with Ethan following his first board meeting at Fairheads Benefit Services.

Do you have any particular views on leadership?

Ethan: I believe firmly that a leader needs to surround him/herself with strong people – ideally even stronger than yourself. You need to understand what they do and then give them space to operate. At Vunani, we are impressed with the very strong management team at Fairheads. The business is well run and highly focused and we are excited about the future.

What do you see as the synergies?

Ethan: As a large institutional player, Vunani believes that we can add value to Fairheads, its staff, and its corporate and member clients alike. We have built a business at Vunani that gathers, manages and administers third-party assets. Fairheads does the same, in a complementary yet not overlapping sector – that of minors’ benefits. Children are vulnerable and they need the highest possible level of fiduciary care. Fairheads has shown over decades that they are THE specialists in the country in this field.

Tell us a bit about life outside work

Ethan: That’s a tough one as my life is pretty well dominated by work. But I am keen on sport and try to play golf or tennis from time to time. I am also a dedicated family man and try to spend as much time as possible with my family in Cape Town where we live.

Published in Fairheads Times, Issue 32, September 2015