Fairheads Tracing

Fairheads offers stand-alone tracing services to retirement funds and Unclaimed Benefit Funds.

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Why use Fairheads Tracing Service?

Fairheads offers stand-alone tracing services to retirement funds and Unclaimed Benefit Funds. We believe that our experience gained in administering Death Benefits, particularly in finding those who have not yet become credit-active and therefore have no digital footprint, places us in a unique position to offer superior Tracing services.

Our community networks, ground-breaking guardian roadshow and field agent programmes set us apart. An important side benefit of our tracing services is that we provide jobs for third party micro-enterprises.

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What we offer

Our tracing services are based on years of existing experience, along with Fairheads’ legacy of trusteeship, good governance and a client-centric approach.

Death Benefits


We offer tracing services in all South Africa’s official languages, as well as Portuguese.

Regular Payments

Tracing Capabilities

Our comprehensive tracing capabilities include internal tracing, external tracing, and investigative tracing.

Payment Management

Fraud Detection

We have high-level fraud detection and prevention capabilities in order to prevent attempted fraud.



Fairheads has digitised our tracing service, harnessing technology to find those who have a digital footprint.

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Human Intervention

We use human intervention throughout the tracing process to clean and segment data, if there are any discrepancies in the data.

Pension Partnership

Distribution Footprint

A wide-spread distribution footprint to make it easy for members to submit information and queries. This includes guardian roadshow and field agent programmes and partnerships.

Money Management

Enterprise Development

We have a growing network of ‘foot-soldiers’, operating in various communities and building networks to trace dependants. In many instances, these foot soldiers are micro-enterprises.