Pension Backed Lending 

As an independent administrator, Fairheads has partnered with retirement funds to provide loans directly to its members. Pension-backed home loans are designed to make property ownership more accessible and affordable for members of retirement funds.
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How Does Pension Backed Lending Work?

The Pension Funds Act allows members of a retirement fund, subject to the rules of the fund, to use their retirement fund credit as security for a loan. As long as monthly repayments are met, no money is taken from the fund.

Fairheads Financial Services provides administration services to retirement funds wishing to offer this service to members.

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Pension Backed Lending

What Can Pension Fund Lending Be Used For?

According to the Pension Funds Act, the loan can only be used for:

Pension backed housng

Buying A Home

Pension Backed Lending can help you put money towards buying your dream home.

General Living Cost

Building A Home

Building your first home is not a small endeavour that is why Pension Backed Lending can help you get started.

Regular Payments


The Fund will allow you to make renovations on an existing home that you own.

Pension Partnership

Buying Land

If you are looking to buy land on which to build a home.

Secured Money


Allowing you to pay a deposit towards the cost of the home, to pay the transfer and/or registration fees.