Beneficiary Fund Administration

Fairheads is the administrator of choice for beneficiary funds which receive section 37C(2) death benefits from retirement funds as well as unapproved benefits relating to employment.

Fairheads beneficiary fund administration

Beneficiary Fund Administration’s Role

Beneficiary funds play a vital social role in helping to sustain and educate vulnerable members who have lost a breadwinner. We pride ourselves on our specialist care provided to members, guardians and caregivers.

Beneficiary Fund Pioneers 

We helped pioneer beneficiary funds in South Africa through making input on legislation and rules.   Fairheads Umbrella Beneficiary Fund is Fairheads’ flagship beneficiary fund product.

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Why Choose Fairheads

Our Key Differentiators 

Fairheads Benefit Services is the administrator of choice for beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts seeking to provide specialist care to their members and beneficiaries. It is our focus on operational excellence supported by expert knowledge which is truly independent that makes us the number one choice.

Operational Excellence

Our administration philosophy is that the member is at the core of everything we do, and our processes are designed with this in mind and take into consideration the logistical challenges facing our members and guardians.


Our multi-channel distribution strategy incorporates walk-in centres, state-of-the-art contact centre and document collection points across rural South Africa. Our corporate clients have on-line access which enables them to service their own clients at their offices.



Our obligation to keep our clients informed is at the core of our approach. Our reporting capability is state of the art, being able to provide summary or detailed reporting with very little notice.


Fairheads is not an investment manager and we do not earn any fees or other remuneration from the investment managers of the funds we administer. We are unfettered in carrying out the mandates of each fund.