Fairheads Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Funds

We trace, verify, and pay out members on behalf of retirement funds.

Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Fund

Why Use an Unclaimed Benefit Preservation Fund?

Unclaimed benefits can be a huge challenge for retirement funds because for the most part, funds do not have the extensive resources required to trace, verify and pay out members with whom they have lost contact.

An unclaimed benefit fund, if chosen well, can shoulder the burden of tracing, verifying and paying out members more efficiently and effectively because they are established for this very purpose.

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Member Fund Account

What we offer

Fairheads has a proven track record in tracing those who are unaware of the benefits that are due to them. Our intention is to use these capabilities to help alleviate the huge unclaimed benefits problem our country faces.

Death Benefits

Benefit Payments

Our aim is to pay out benefits, not accumulate assets.

Money Management

Investment Management

Fairheads has independent investment managers.

ROI.png or Management

Service Track Record

A well-established track record of servicing a geographically spread membership, without reliance on funds and employers to play a facilitation role.

Regular Payments


Comprehensive tracing capabilities include internal tracing, external tracing and investigative tracing.

Payment Management

Fraud Detection

High-level fraud detection and prevention capabilities in order to prevent attempted fraud.


Client Service

Consistently high service levels with a member-centric approach to client service.

Pension Partnership

Distribution Footprint

A wide-spread distribution footprint to make it easy for members to submit information and queries. This includes guardian roadshow and field agent programmes and partnerships.