Fairheads and The Business Place Philippi: Creating Sustainable Businesses

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Jesmosi - The Business Place

September 2015

The Business Place Philippi (TBPP) in Cape Town has been an enterprise development partner to Fairheads since 2010 and we are excited to be part of this thriving organisation that promotes entrepreneurship and helps create sustainable businesses.

The Business Place is a national network of walk-in centres for entrepreneurs, providing business services, resources and support for business owner and entrepreneurs.

Fairheads’ support of TBPP over the past years has contributed towards a Container Village where office and retail space generates rental income for TBPP, and also towards providing kick-start funding and support for on-site businesses.

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More recently, funding has been in support of TBPP’s Business Builder Programme which aims to equip business owners to sustain and grow their businesses, through personal and professional development. Coaching and mentoring of participants form a strong component of the programme, helping participants to navigate the challenges of running a business. In addition, participants receive access to business premises as part of the programme benefits, on condition that they remain actively engaged with the programme.

The programme goes a step further, by facilitating access to direct business opportunities, such as the partnership with Trade-mark, a non-profit organisation that connects homeowners wanting to do renovations with artisans and skilled, reliable tradesmen from the townships and low‐income communities.

Alan Fleming, Director of TBPP who initiated the relationship with Fairheads in 2010, says, “Fairheads partnership with TBPP goes much deeper than E.D. funding. They have assisted us to develop our product base, offered IT support, and are always ready to listen to new ideas. We’re deeply grateful to Fairheads for their incredible support, material or other, and value their enormous commitment to local SMME development over the past 5 years.”

How the Business Builder programme has changed one man’s business … and life

Jesmosi Gore, an artisan and business owner, has been a part of the Business Builder/Trade-Mark programme for over a year. He says that being a part of this programme run by The Business Place Philippi (TBPP) has literally changed both him and his business.

Jesmosi, who has years of experience as a plasterer and painter, has been working for himself since 2009. Even though he is glad to have made that move, there are many challenges that come with being a business owner in the construction industry. This is where the weekly Business Builder sessions have helped him.

His commitment to the programme is obvious – he gets up at 4am in order to get to TBPP by 7am, and then goes straight to his clients when the session ends at 9am. He knows his sacrifice is worthwhile – “I have more money now – management of finance was lacking until I got into this programme. This has been very helpful, the money skills.” And having a mentor on hand or call has made the day-to-day business moments a lot easier.

Visit: www.tbp-philippi.org.za

Published in Fairheads Times, Issue 32, September 2015