Christel House SA: Transformation, One Child at a Time

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Media Room

Christel House Special Assembly

Poverty touches every aspect of a child’s life. The child born into poverty almost always remains trapped there unless significant interventions occur. Left unaided, impoverished children face a lifetime of physical and psychological trauma – illiteracy, malnutrition, disease, low self-esteem and lack of opportunity. These are among the root causes of poverty that Christel House overcomes.” An extract from Christel House South Africa’s mission.

Lalannie Knoll, a member of Fairheads' CSI committee, with two of Christel House's student leadership, Nathan Daniels (middle) and Asanda Mhluzi (right), both n Grade 12

Lalannie Knoll, a member of Fairheads’ CSI committee, with two of Christel House’s student leadership, Nathan Daniels (middle) and Asanda Mhluzi (right), both n Grade 12

Representatives of Fairheads’ CSI committee knew they were in for a special morning when they walked into the hall of Christel House School in Ottery, Cape Town. The air reverberated with the energy and enthusiasm of more than 700 learners participating in a special assembly to thank the school’s corporate donors. Their contributions enable Christel House to give learners a holistic education that nurtures them academically and gives them tools to strive for a life beyond the poverty they experience daily.

The learners of Christel House hail from the most disadvantaged communities in Cape Town. For many of these learners, school is a refuge, a place that gives them the dignity and hope for a better future. With a 100% matric pass rate and a 98% attendance rate across the school, all evidence points to this institution being one where children want to be and are motivated to to achieve.

Fairheads is proud to contribute to a school that not only touches the lives of learners, but empowers their parents and reaches out to the communities around it.

Published in Fairheads Times, Issue 31, June 2015