Consultants’ Corner: Davis Shabane

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Media Room

Davis for BYM

Davis joined Fairheads Benefit Services in the Johannesburg office in 2006 as a client liaison officer where he helped to pioneer the walk-in service offered in Commissioner Street. The service has proven highly successful and the team has grown to a total of four and Davis was promoted to key account consultant in 2013.

Davis says his work at Fairheads has allowed him to combine two of his passions – helping people and information technology. Once he had completed high school in Meadowlands, Soweto, he studied IT and bookkeeping at PC Training & Business College before joining a beneficiary fund service provider in 2002 as a client liaison officer.

At Fairheads, Davis services five clients, some of whom employ a relatively high number of migrant workers. He says the recent expansion of Fairheads’ footprint using the 90-branch network of TEBA Limited offices across the country and neighbouring countries is really good news.  “This will go a long way to easing the costs and delays of postage for guardians and members as they can now visit their closest TEBA office and be assisted with documents submission and queries at no cost to themselves,” he says.

According to Davis, understanding by guardians of the beneficiary fund product has grown over the past few years, partly as a result of Fairheads’ guardian roadshows. “We even find that some guardians are so appreciative of our service that they ask how they can ensure the use of a beneficiary fund for their dependents in the event of their own death.

The guardian roadshows this year will assume a slightly different format from previous years, with a focus on locating those members who are “non-compliant” and therefore not receiving a regular income. Davis says it is of vital importance to trace the right people so that payments can be resumed.

Davis is married to Kate who is a consultant to the City of Johannesburg. They have three children aged nine, six and two. A favourite weekend pastime is to braai and play in the park.

Published in Fairheads Times, Issue 31, June 2015