The Fairheads Legacy Trust

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Media Room

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Returning to our roots but with a modern twist

Many years ago, as far back as the 1920s in fact, Fairheads Benefit Services operated as a trust company for predominantly wealthy families. Our core business was looking after inter-generational wealth, advising on estate planning and administering and investing the assets of high net worth individuals and families. For most middle class South Africans, access to such services was limited because of the cost of establishing a trust – and this is still the case today.

Over the years, and under the guidance and leadership of our CEO, Richard Krepelka, Fairheads has developed and grown into Southern Africa’s leading independent provider of beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts. What has made us so successful at administering beneficiary funds and umbrella trust arrangements, often on behalf of those who have very little, is that we have applied the same high standards of service and true trusteeship to beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts as we did for our previous high net worth clients.

These standards include treating our clients with respect, embedding a culture of strong governance, and remaining independent in our approach to investing funds. We work hard every day to make sure our clients are safe with us and the reputation we have in the market bears this out.

A new product with a tried and trusted approach

Given our rich heritage in managing wealth and our expertise in providing umbrella arrangements – whereby economies of scale lower the running costs for members – we have decided to leverage this with a new product called The Fairheads Legacy Trust.

The Fairheads Legacy Trust is an umbrella trust arrangement which has been designed as a cost-effective, professionally administered vehicle to safeguard assets on behalf of beneficiaries.

Our vision is to help South Africans protect and transfer their wealth to their heirs and dependents through the use of a cost effective, simple trust solution,

You benefit from:

  • experienced trusteeship
  • benefits of scale
  • strong governance
  • professional and expert management.

How it works

The Fairheads Legacy Trust works principally as an inter vivos trust (living trust) or a testamentary trust.

An inter vivos trust

An inter vivos trust, also known as a living trust, is used to hold assets on behalf of beneficiaries until some point in the future, as determined by the founder of the trust or trustor. One of the main reasons that people would use an inter vivos trust is to transfer assets smoothly and efficiently once the vesting condition has been met.

 Testamentary trust

A testamentary trust, or a will trust is established when you die, on behalf of the beneficiaries nominated in your will. Testamentary trusts are particularly useful in protecting assets for those who are too young or unable to manage the money themselves.

Who can use it?

The Fairheads Legacy Trust can accept assets from or arising out of:

  • deceased estates
  • Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims
  • medical malpractice payments
  • life insurance payments
  • retirement funds
  • private trusts
  • disability claims

Read and download our brochure for more information.

Published in Fairheads Times August 2017