Fairheads Benefit Services

Fairheads Benefit Services is Southern Africa’s leading independent administrator for products and services in the retirement fund and fiduciary industries.
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Administration Services

The administration of beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts has been Fairheads’ core business for more than two decades

Since 1925, the Fairheads brand has steadily evolved to meet the needs of this dynamic industry, holding fast to principles of service excellence, professionalism and commitment to good governance and integrity.

SteadFast Commitment



Fairheads is committed to being honest and acting in the best interests of our members.

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We practise with the highest level of competence and skill when managing member beneficiaries.


Service Excellence

Fairheads go above and beyond the expectations of our clients ensuring industry-leading customer service.

Who Can Benefit From Fairheads Benefit Services?

Thousands of dependants, many of them vulnerable minors, depend on us for the safe management of funds left to them by loved ones.

In this way, we make a valuable contribution to the education, maintenance, advancement and well-being of children all over Southern Africa. We never lose sight of this responsibility.

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