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Fairheads Benefit Services offers a unique combination of benefit services, based on our core service of administration. Clients can ask us to administer their own beneficiary funds or trusts, or they can choose to participate in our proprietary fund/trust, Fairheads Umbrella Beneficiary Fund and The Fairheads Umbrella Trust.

We service both the retirement fund market (boards of trustees, intermediaries and consultants) as well as the great number of guardians and beneficiaries whose assets we safeguard. We also maintain contact with the personnel of employer companies and retirement fund administrators, as they are usually the first point of contact with beneficiaries.

We offer boards of trustees:

  • Consulting services, including information and education around beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts.
  • Training and advice in death benefits distribution.
  • Assistance in assessing guardian competency to manage funds on behalf of minors (tools). 
  • Tracing. We have an in-house tracing department. A dedicated team of people go the extra mile to trace beneficiaries, with a high rate of success.
  • Regular newsletters with industry, legal and tax updates.
  • Reporting. We meet with trustees as and when required for a customised report-back.
  • Peace of mind. We will look after your beneficiaries. We have a comprehensive member communication strategy.

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