2018 Guardian Roadshow

The 2018 Guardian Roadshow begins on 22 August 2018. This year, workshops will be held in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal and Eastern Cape. Fairheads and participating Funds host guardian workshops annually for guardians, caregivers, members and beneficiaries of funds administered by Fairheads. Dowload the schedule here. If you haven’t been to a workshop yet, watch this.

Guardian Roadshow Fairheads

Member face-to-face communication- Fairheads’ Guardian Roadshows

30 November 2017 By Olefile Moea, Director: Communication, Fairheads Benefit Services As administrators, we are required to fulfil the requirements of PF130. the most important of these being the communication of funds with their membership. Funds are required to consider effective methods of communication that cater for the different communication needs of its members. It is against this backdrop that …

Plain language – it’s the only way

May 2016 Olefile Moea, Executive Director, Fairheads Benefit Services Let’s face it, the financial services industry is complex, not least the terminology. Those working in the industry get caught up in the jargon and often assume that clients or members will understand. Often they don’t and that is why plain language is highlighted as one of the main points in …