The Fairheads Legacy Trust

(Reg. No. IT888/2017)

What is The Fairheads Legacy Trust?

The Trust is a cost-effective, professionally administered umbrella trust which has been designed to safeguard assets on behalf of beneficiaries.

The estate planning advantages of trusts are well known, but trusts have traditionally been beyond the reach of the man in the street. Where stand-alone trusts have been set up they are often unnecessarily expensive and a burden to administer.

The Fairheads Legacy Trust changes all that.

The Trust has been designed as a cost-effective,  professionally administered vehicle to safeguard assets on behalf of beneficiaries.

These include:

  • Deceased estates
  • Inter vivos trusts
  • Testamentary bequests
  • Road Accident Fund (RAF)
  • Medical malpractice payments
  • Life insurance payments
  • Disability policies
  • Retirement funds
  • Private trusts
  • Discretionary savings for education or any other purpose

Who can benefit?

Anyone interested in preserving their legacy on behalf of their loved ones can contact us. In addition, attorneys and others involved with trusts may welcome the opportunity to obtain professional trusteeship at a reasonable cost.

Download The Fairheads Legacy Trust brochure.

Fairheads is an authorised financial services provider.

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