Fairheads Benefit Services prides itself on high standards of governance. In many instances, we have led the way for the industry. The following are some of the basic reassurances we can give our clients.

    • We are an authorised financial services provider (FSP number 18428)
    • We are licensed as a section 13B administrator in terms of the Pension Funds Act
    • We have an internal audit, risk and compliance committee. There is a risk management policy in place and a compliance report is submitted to the Financial Services Conduct Authority (formerly the Financial Services Board) annually.
    • Fairheads is committed to maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards in the execution of its business activities. We have a Conflict of Interest policy which all our employees must adhere to and which is required by the General Code of Conduct to the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS). The policy is available from Fairheads’ Compliance Officer at 
    • We have a Complaints Resolution policy which complies with FAIS legislation and pension fund legislation. Read the summary of the complaints resolution policy here.
    • In accordance with The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA), No 2 of 2000 we have an information manual which provides guidelines on how to exercise rights to access to information. Download the information manual, request forms and information on the applicable fees here.Fairheads collects, stores and processes personal information (including special personal information) about you that may be used in connection with the administration of your benefits and other activities conducted by Fairheads from time to time. This Privacy Policy Explains what information Fairheads collects, and the information is collected, and how Fairheads uses, discloses and protects that information. Read the policy here.
    • Fairheads’ Compliance Officer, Darlene Van Dieman, can be contacted at

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries, questions or if you would like further product information.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries, questions or if you would like further product information.