Enterprise Development

Enterprise development is something we passionately believe in at Fairheads. We support enterprise development as it creates future sustainability in terms of job growth in the communities where it is needed most.

One of our long-standing enterprise development partners is the Emdeni Skills Development Centre in Soweto, Gauteng.

The Emdeni Skills Development Centre is an initiative of the Abraham Kriel Bambanani organisation. The centre aims to promote the vocational skills of young people to enable them to establish their own micro-enterprises or alternatively to access employment opportunities. The objective is that these young entrepreneurs will become self-sustainable and make a contribution to their families and the community by helping to alleviate poverty. Skills training includes computer training, vegetable cultivation in tunnels and catering and cooking. Fifteen businesses have started up from this base since its inception. The Centre is also recognised as a good performing agent for Tunnel Agriculture having won a Third runner up prize in the Best Community Project.

Fairheads has contributed towards the cost of start-up infrastructure and products in order for these fledgling companies to service big orders.

The Centre operates in partnership with agencies that have SETA accredited courses and aim for accredited qualifications for our students.





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