Welcome to Fairheads Benefit Services

Welcome to Fairheads Benefit Services, Southern Africa’s leading independent service provider for beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts for retirement funds. We help retirement fund trustees, consultants and administrators meet the financial needs of dependants of deceased or disabled members of retirement funds.

We offer a unique combination of benefit services, based on our core service of independent administration. Clients can ask us to administer their own beneficiary funds, or they can choose to participate in our proprietary funds.

Thousands of dependants, many of them vulnerable minors, depend on us for the safe management of funds left to them by loved ones. In this way we make a valuable contribution to the education, maintenance, advancement and well-being of children all over Southern Africa. We never lose sight of this responsibility. The Fairheads brand has been developed through a steadfast commitment to integrity, professionalism and high service levels since 1925.

Fairheads Benefit Services is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 18428).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries, questions or if you would like further product information.